The Sun seen in 3D

NASA researchers were able to make the first real 3D portrait of the Sun last Sunday, thanks to two special probes.

Named Stereo and each weighing 620 kilograms, they framed the Sun at a very precise position to photograph it. Stereo “1” captured the left image, while Stereo “2” took care of the right.

The result: a 3D portrait of one of the hottest stars in our galaxy, traversed by complex magnetic fields.

Parts of Cape Canaveral, Florida, on October 26, 2006, both Stereo were able to count on a $ 550-million US-Europe collaboration.

“Equipped telescopes tuned to four wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet radiation” as indicated Point Monday, the probes are designed to observe solar activity.

The Stereo mission will allow NASA to better understand the Sun, essential to life on Earth.

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