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The right frame can transform your picture into a stunning display of artwork. If you’ve taken time and effort to select your ideal photo montage, then the framing process also needs equal consideration.

You don’t want to choose a frame that diminishes your photographs, but rather, enhances and showcases them. A heavy, gilded frame is all very well for an oil painting, but a similar frame to something displayed in the National Gallery will swamp your photographs and look totally unsuitable. Equally, your precious photographs deserve more than a cheap, flimsy frame and low grade glass.

Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the right frame for your alphabet pictures.


The colour of the frame can change the mood of a picture. Before choosing your frame, decide where you’re planning to hang it. Light blue or pink frames would go well in a baby’s bedroom, as would bright-coloured frames in an older child’s room.

Some would argue that a black and white photograph should only have a black and white frame, as other colours add an element that isn’t present in the picture. However, dark brown and blue frames can also be effective without diminishing monochrome images. It’s all a matter of personal taste.


White, black, grey or cream mounts tend to be used for black and white photographs as they complement the monochrome shades and make the photographs stand out.

Stronger colours can give black and photographs a ‘washed out’ appearance as the focus is shifted to the frame or the mount instead of the picture itself. Choose subtle colours for your mount so that your chosen letters are clearly defined and easier to read.

Adding a white inner, accent mount under the main mount can give your photographs more definition and depth. Dark green or blue accent mounts are also a good contrast to use with black and white images.

Clip Frames

Clip frames are a more cost effective solution for mounting your photographs and the results can be just as dramatic as a framed picture. Clip frames achieve a clean, minimalist look, allowing the photographs to speak for themselves. This type of frame is very effective when using alphabet art. Choose a separate clip frame for each letter then experiment with different hanging techniques: you could hang them in a straight line or at different height levels.

PhotoTypewriter has a selection of frames and framing ideas to complement your chosen images. Alternatively, you can choose your own frame. Visit us online and have a browse through our gallery for more framing and hanging ideas.

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