Choosing The Perfect Word – Aphabet Photography

If you’re new to the concept of alphabet photography, you may be wondering how the whole process works.

The beauty of this artwork is that you can choose the exact images you would like, to depict the name or word of your choice. Choose from literally thousands of stunning black and white images, including famous landmarks, nature, architectural features, landscapes and even food and household objects to form a photo montage unique to you.

Your word of choice can be simple and immediately readable such as, using letters written in the sand, or opt for a more abstract picture where your chosen word takes time to emerge as you study the picture in front of you.

The obvious choice is to choose a name. This makes a perfect, personal gift for any age and any occasion. However, there are other words you can use to express yourself and create a unique piece of artwork that reflects the space it occupies. Here’s a few ideas to help you choose the perfect word for your alphabet picture.

Business Premises

Adorn your office environment with inspirational words such as ‘team’, ‘success’ or even ‘welcome’ in the reception area. If your business is based in London, choose letters that have been created using local landmark and architectural images from the capital city.

‘Smile’, ‘laugh’ and ‘teeth’ would be perfect for a dental studio or ‘birth’ and ‘life’ for a fertility clinic.

An Italian-style coffee bar could use a photo montage to spell ‘espresso’, ‘cappuccino’ or ‘latte’. Or a bistro/pizzeria could choose ‘pasta’, ‘vino’, ‘pizza’ or even ‘buon appetito’. These would look ideal in a simple clip frame so you have more flexibility when it comes to positioning the letters.

At Home

A stunning montage of black and white photographs look great in any room. Choose food images in the kitchen to create your words. ‘Eat’, ‘wine’, ‘food’ or ‘coffee’ are just a few examples that would give your kitchen a unique decorative touch.

‘Home’ would be perfect for your lounge or entrance way; for the kid’s playroom, ‘play’ and ‘fun’ would be ideal.

For the master bedroom, choose words to create matrimonial harmony such as ‘love’, ‘peace’ or ‘I love you’.

You could choose a combination of words that have special significance for you. The results are timeless and complement any setting. The only limit is your own imagination!

Photo Typewriter has created a range of stunning images for you to choose from. Just type in a word and have fun experimenting with different letters to create the perfect word for you. For more ideas and inspiration, visit us online and browse through our gallery.

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