Zelda is Comming back – Zelda release date

If you are fan of Zelda, I bet you cannot wait anymore the moment when the game will appear on the market for Nintendo UII. The players have raised their standards and they will not be that easy to impressed. So Zelda, you better be good because we don’t want any angry players .

In order to play the game and feel like it’s a personal experience, the players will receive the character, Link, with the possibility of changing his age and looks in order to satisfy the buyers. So, a first feature is that Link will be customized at a maximum level.

Another interesting feature is that the game will no longer be constrained in a tiny little map, with some shops where you can search for objects, but it will be expended at a new level, at a new big map in order to develop orientation and exploration skills in the game.

Players don’t want a story that flows conditioned, they want to play with “no strings attached” . They rather enjoy looking for gems or accomplishing different mission that belong to a main storyline, but not to a full story with no possibility of movement.

The fans of Zelda are pretty impatiens, as they want to see the game in E3 next week, but there’s only the will of Nintendo. Will they release the game next week to make some players happy or not?

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