Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 – Is it worth the upgrade?

We do like Windows 8.1 over the Windows 8, but this depends on your personal opinion. If you are a declared nostalgic about the Windows 7 features that the Windows 8 didn’t have, well, find out that Windows 8.1 is going to take all those feelings away. Microsoft released this version of OS after trying to patch up the issues that many reviewers had about Windows 8.

The most important changes made are:

  • The most exciting change might be the triumphant return of the Start Button (we know that all of you wanted it back)
  • You can start a Desktop mode rather than the tiled application UI
  • Allows multitasking by offering you the option to open multiple applications at the same time
  • The cross-system search is improved (having even a connection to the SkyDrive storage)

The difference between them

Windows 8 is an operating system meant to better its previous version, Windows 7.  But Windows 8.1 is an improved version of the Windows 8 OS.

Start Button

There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of the Start Button on Windows 8, so Windows 8.1 has now incorporated this button to take you to the start screen.

Application Snapping

While on the first OS, there can only be snapped 2 apps on the display, Windows 8.1 comes with the feature of letting 4 apps be snapped on the same display. (this might depend on the screen’s measurements)


While Windows 8 had the message app available, Windows 8.1 changes the message app to Skype. You can get calls even from the lock screen.

GUI/ Text Scaling

On the Windows 8 operating system, your text elements and GUI will be scaled up to 150%. On the Windows 8.1 version, these will be scaled up to 200%.

Adoption Rate

The adoption rate at the Windows 8 was at 6.41% and in the Windows 8.1 the adoption rate was at 4.89%.

3D Printing

The 3D printing application isn’t available in the Windows 8 operating system, but it was made available in the Windows 8.1.

Hardware Compatibility

Windows 8 (the 64 bit version) will support any 64-bit processor, but the Windows 8.1 (the 64 bit version) won’t work very well with processors that cannot compare instructions of CPU or implement the double width exchange.

Personalization options

Windows 8 had a nice output on the personalization options, giving you some color schemes to choose from. But control over the Start Screen had became more strong in Windows 8.1, the OS giving you an added number of options.

SkyDrive app

The SkyDrive app on the Windows 8 would allow you to see the files, but only read them. The SkyDrive application on the Windows 8.1 is a step-up, giving you options like editing and writing + video and photo automatic backup.

In addition to the 3D printing app we already mentioned, Windows 8.1 also features Miracast streaming, Wi-Fi direct and high resolution display.


The support for Windows 8 won’t only be available until 12 January 2016, so you might want to think about changing your OS. Windows 8. Will have its current support until the 9th of January, 2018 and will be extended until probably 10th of January 2023.

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