Watch Dogs Becomes an Insanity – Must Have

Watch Dogs” is definitely a game you need to have it for various reasons. First of all, Ubisoft announced that is the best well sold game from their history, with 4 million copies in only e week. I bet if you are an video game addicted the problem of not buying the game was not even rised. So, hurry up the live a famous experience with the most attractive game on the market, after GTA 5.

Ubisoft seems very satisfied with the sales, they never expected such a great impact. They are also a lot of reviews that stand out for this amazing game.

Here are some ideas over the reviews that had been made. For example, even if it’s in top sales right now, being the game of the moment, there are some people that did not enjoy the game. Chris Carter of Destructoid is one of them, saying that the game is not that revolutionary as it’s called, and he expected a lot more of it. Metro’s Ludwig Kietzmann instead was very impressed by the game, being “refined, reliable and precise”.

Online review aggregator “Game Rankings” gave the PlayStation 4 version of dogs a 83% rating, the Xbox One a 78% rating and the Microsoft Windows version a 77%.

“Watch Dogs” is well looked because it’s a game that features both single player and multiplayer, but it’s definitely not the famous last one that Ubisoft will launch, in order to make his customers happy.

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