Top Best 8 Tips and Tricks for iTunes

Top Best 8 Tips and Tricks for iTunes: deleting duplicates and more

Easy way to change your EQ settings

If you have been looking to adjust your equalizer settings, find out that there is quite an easy way to do this. Just go to View, then click on View Options. Here you will find Equalizer. From now on, a pull-down menu will appear and you will be able to change the equalizer setting however you may want.

Change the file type in iTunes (and more)

iTunes is quite a foggy system if you’re new to it and didn’t have any time to really check it out. Right clicks can do you a lot of good in this program. For example: if you right click a song, you can find out information about both the artist and the track. Not only can you get more info, but you can download album art for free as well as change the type of the file.

Does “Shuffle mode” keep replaying songs? We have just the fix!

Well, this is quite a peculiar feature on iTunes, but the fact is you can change up how likely it will be to listen the same song in a period of time. If you want the “Shuffle mode” to not replay songs, go to Playback – Preferences – Smart Shuffle. Here you can drag the slider to “less likely”, and that’s it! Enjoy your music!

Play with your buffer size to stream faster

If you have a dial-up connection, you surely still want your songs to smoothly play in the background while you’re working, or checking Facebook (hey, we don’t judge). Well, if you’re willing to have some patience between songs, you can set up your buffer size to a larger one in Preferences – Advanced menu.

Setting up Parental Controls

If you are a parent, especially with teenagers, you understand this struggle. You have some content that you don’t find appropriate for your kids to find, but you still want it in the iTunes library. Well, you just need to set up the “Parental Controls” in Edit – Preferences and you will be just fine. Even more so, you can control what they buy so you know that they are not looking for inappropriate content themselves.

Manage your PDFs with iTunes

We know, this does sound strange: iTunes is a song streaming system, why would you manage PDFs in it? Well, if you have a PDF file that you cannot open up, you can just drop it into iTunes and it will definitely open it up for you. Want to know why? Well, some of the songs that come from the iTunes Store have additional documentation about the tracks, so that means that iTunes has to support PDF type-of-files as well.

Creating a new Library

If you want to start a new library in iTunes without getting rid of the old one, then hold down the Shift key when launching iTunes. You’ll be given the option of creating a new library.

This may have been puzzling for us too, but it’s actually quite easy to manage. You just need to press the key “Shift” while opening up iTunes. The program will just launch a window that will ask you if you want to create a new library. It won’t change anything into your existing library.

Delete any duplicates

Didn’t we all have this problem at some time? We’ve been downloading music for hours and managed to overlap some music without even realizing. If you already know that you tend to do that, make a routine check in View – Show Duplicates. If there’s any there, you can now just delete them.

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