Top Best 5 Hottest Productivity Apps for Mac

If you have a brand new Mac and you want to get as many apps as possible, or you just set a goal for being more productive, either way, productivity apps are something you might want to consider having. These apps will help you through the hard parts of achieving a goal, but you know that you cannot trust any app. So we put together a list of the top best productivity apps for Mac, for you to choose from.


mind note for mac

If you are in a more creative work field, MindNode will be a great app for you to have. This app will help you get a big picture of a certain subject or topic and you can then get more in depth information of a certain branch in that topic. For example, if you are looking to write an essay about most influential men in history, the app will help you see history in a larger picture, and then you can choose whoever you feel that changed history the most. The app comes in two options: you can either get the Free version, or the $19.99 one.

iA Writer

iAWriter for mac

If you need to write a lot of mind boggling documents, articles, etc, you surely get distracted a lot. Well, iA Writer is meant to help you focus, giving you a blank canvas for you to write on, as well as the appealing feature of blurring everything else out but the sentence you are working on. You can try it out and see if your productivity rises. You can find this app at the price of $4.99.


mou for mac

This is one great app for developers to have on their Mac. Mou will help you with your distraction while you are coding (HTML and CSS). Not only does it make you more focused, but did we mention that this app is free?


SelfControl for mac

If you are addicted to social media, SelfControl will help you manage that addiction, blocking your specific picked out websites while you are working. The app is actually hard to disable, which is another feature to prevent procrastination. If you feel a temptation to check Facebook, SelfControl will be there for you and will stop you, helping you with your work. What else is better than all of this? Oh, yeah, it’s free!


quiet app for mac

Remember how iA Writer blurred all the text out for you to focus on what you are writing? Well, Quiet is that for your whole Desktop. The app will blur out every other thing on the Desktop except what you are using at the time. We know you want to click on that League of Legends game, but it’s just not going to help your productivity. This app is priced at $1.99.

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