Top 6 Best 2014 Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks (Cheats) for Unlimited Lives and More

Candy Crush Saga, the most downloaded free app of 2013, has over 500 million downloads (on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store).

This app seems as a straight forward kind of game, but the levels get trickier and trickier while going through the 350+ levels. If you are stuck on one of these difficult challenges, here are 6 tips for completing Candy Crush Saga.

  1. Create combos to get power candies

Power candies are meant to help you get through levels, so make sure to get as many combos with simple candies as you can (instead of crushing three candies, try four or even five). Another tip is to keep your power candy for later, since crushing two power candies together is more effective in achieving your goal. (you can use any combination of the next power candies: wrapped candies, striped candies, jelly fishes or rainbow sprinkles).

  1. Crushing candies at the bottom.

If you have possible combinations on both the top and the bottom of the board, focus on swapping candies at the bottom. This will cause the candies at the top to shift, and even to create some crushing combos. This will make you cross your level faster, with bonus points since you get more combos than your number of moves.

  1. Use the Lollipops wisely.

Even though Candy Crush Saga is a free game, it gives you the option to buy boosters. These lollipop hammers can be won in the Daily Booster Wheel, so don’t bother wasting money on buying them. There is no guarantee that you will complete the level even with them, so it’s best to use them in more difficult levels, when left with few moves and a good chance at crossing the level.

  1. Play the game on both your mobile device and your computer

If you find yourself with no lives (hearts) left, first send some requests to your Facebook friends but you don’t have to wait for them to answer. This cheat will make your Candy Crush Saga addiction a little more bearable. After you run out of lives on your phone, there are still 5 untouched lives on the Facebook version of the game. So go on to the computer and finish that level you’ve been stuck on!

  1. Clear the chocolates and the jellies on the edges

If your level’s goal is clearing jellies, you should pay more attention to the possible combos with the jellies on the edges, especially in the corners. We are all a little bit annoyed by those pesky chocolates, which absorb candies and power candies, so an important trick is to deal with the chocolate first, allowing you to complete your goal afterwards. 

  1. Get unlimited lives and moves

The last but not least tip, maybe even the most important one, is getting unlimited lives on your Candy Crush Saga app. If you are interested, access Settings – General and then turn off the “Set automatically” option in the date and time section. When you are left with zero lives, change your date to one day forward. Open the game again and you will receive a set of 5 new lives.

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