Top 5 Best 2014 iPhone Apps for Learning New Stuff

Who would have thought that the apps for iPhone come with such an amazing luggage of information and animation in order to teach the owners different stuff?  For example, here are my top 5 educational apps for iPhone.

5. Earth Viewer is a classic app that helps you see the Earth in a different way, in a deeper one. If you are passionate about history too, this app is the right one for you, offering a 4.5 billion years Earth history for free.

4. SkySafari 3 is a planetarium application that, for only $2.99, you can enjoy breathtaking views from all over the world.

3. Focus on Earthquakes is an app that monitories the activity of the earthquakes. It’s filled with maps, animation and other catchy things.

2. With NASA App HD you can check the endless universe and even the latest discoveries made by NASA, only for free.

1. The Elements: A Visual Exploration will help you discover the chemistry world, with amazing animation, wonderful chemical reactions, with about $13.99.

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