Top 2014 Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks

1. Making Small Volume Adjustments

If your sound bar either makes your music too loud or too soft, you can use this shortcut to make small adjustments in your sound’s volume, to get to the perfect intensity. Use Option + Shift + F11/F12 to turn the volume up or down.

2. Deleting words, rather than letters

If you’re working on a project for school, an essay, a thesis and so on, you surely are too busy to waste your time erasing phrases of your text. Well, instead of erasing every letter at a time, try using the combination Option + Delete to delete your last written word. Pressing this command multiple times will get rid of your phrase in just a second. It may not save a lot of time, but it definitely gets rid of the annoying process of deleting each letter at a time.

3. Scrolling to the Top or to the Bottom

 Going through a document that has hundreds of pages or a project with a lot of slides can be really annoying. Sure, you can use the scroll bar on the right of the screen or you can use the arrows on the keyboard, but this will waste your time and you know it. Instead, try pressing ⌘ and your desired arrow (up for going to the top, down for going to the bottom) and you will reach the top/bottom in no time.

4. Minimize in Slow Motion

Well, we included this one because it’s just a fun trick to know to impress your friends when you are watching a movie together, etc. If you have a minimizing screen, you can make it minimize in slow-mo just by pressing Shift before you click the yellow button for minimizing.

5. Accessing your search bar

We’ve all had those times when we are just too busy to think about using the mouse (or lazy, more than once). Well, here’s to those times, because this is a shortcut for accessing the address bar while only using the keyboard. Press ⌘ + L + Arrow (Up) and you will be able to enter anything you’d like in your browser’s address bar or your search engine’s search bar.

6. Shutting Down Shortcut

There is even a shortcut for shutting down your computer. The command is made up of four keys (Option + ⌘ + Eject + Control) to avoid any accidental activation of the shutting down process. If you do decide to press this combination of buttons, don’t forget to save everything you need since, while the computer saves some drafts, it won’t be everything you worked on.

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