Top 2014 Best Nexus 5 Battery Tips and Tricks

Nexus 5 is definitely one of the most powerful phones on the market, and it’s highly recommended if you are a tech-addict and you want something that will probably never let you down. Incorporated with a quad-core Snapdragoon 800 clocked at 2.26 Ghz with a GPU Adreno 330, 2 GB of RAM (LPDDR3), and a 4,95 inchs Full HD IPS screen, he can be rated, beyond the power, as being fast in processing the orders, enjoying yourself with a very bright screen that gives you an experience worthy to have.

But take care, if you are a person who uses the phone 24/24 you should better consider before buying this device because it comes with a 2300 mAh baterry, so you’ll probably end up with no power when you are dying to take a selfie or listen to your favourite song, or even worst, calling your boss. If you bought this device, however, we have some tips for you in order to increase your battery life.

Take care of your Android Runtime
First of all, you can use Android Runtime(ART), an option available for Nexus 5, which helps you to lose some storage. You will notice that your applications will open faster and the processor will use less power, even if they will take about 10 or 20 percent more of your device memory. In order to do that, go to Settings > About Phone > Tap Build Number 7-8 times and a Developers Options will appear as a new sub-menu in System) and then select the ART Runtime instead of the default Dalvik Runtime.

Stop WiFi Running out of control
I’m pretty sure you are looking for WiFi in almost any place you go, and the explanation is pretty simple: we, humans, have a huge need to know everything that happens in the world and why not use the device when we have the world in our hands? Information is power, but sometimes we don’t really find WiFi and we forget to turn it off. My advice is, turn off your WiFi when you don’t need it or you can’t find it because it can really eat your battery life.

However, if you are a lucky guy and you find WiFi, start using it and stop using your cellular services. In order to turn off the search for wi-fi, which Google Nexus 5 will always scan it for you, approach Settings > WiFi and then Click those three big dots in the right corner of the screen then uncheck Scanning Always available.

Keep an eye on location services battery

If you didn’t know, your phone is pretty good in navigational and location based apps. If you’re asking why, well, let me tell you that he has a ton of sensors used in this purpose, who are likely to dry out your battery, unfortunately. Of course, there are is one trick that can help you with this problem. Location services has a battery saving mode that you can enable by going to Settings > Location > Mode > Battery Saving Mode.

Android 4.4.2? Better a factory restore
One of the main problems of Android 4.4.2 are the bugs that came along with it and destroyed the power of the battery on Nexus 5. You can always do a factory restore if you are brave enough, because you will lose absolutely everything you have on your phone, starting with contacts and ending up with games that ate your nights in order to get some high scores. As such, make sure to do a backup before your try this out. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factor data reset.

Juggle a bit with your device

You heard you can’t do anything with your battery, and you’re not brave enough to change it by yourself? Well, I can only give you hopes for extra boost. Search for Limefuel Extended Battery case which is available for Nexus 5.

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