Top 10 Best Accessories For Your Smartphone

Do you want to better protect your smartphone or to refresh its design because you are bored of how it looks or maybe even hide some imperfections? Here are some smart accessories that can significantly increase the value of your phone and with which you can customize your favorite gadget:

  1. Shrub Keychain

Producers of this keychain promise “the pleasure to grown a plant and feel joy”. We do not know if a plant attached to a smartphone can cause joy, but perhaps the most avid plant breeders would feel happy seeing the plant growing in its keychain.

  1. Smart wallet

In general, for a woman is hard enough to take with her all the things she needs. If however you are preparing to go for a walk in the park and you only need a phone and a few bucks, you just need to buy a unique wallet that has a special room for your smartphone.

If until now you felt embarrassing and uncomfortable to hold the phone in your hand or pocket, this smart wallet will get rid of these problems and, in addition, you will better protect your favorite gadget.

  1. Teacup

To protect your headphones jack from dust or other impurities, you can liven up your cell phone with a cute accessory shaped as a cup of tea, which, besides the fact that it gives your phone a new look, is also very useful.

  1. Lingerie for your smartphone

If girls wear it, why not your smartphone wear a pair of panties too? Imagine having a black smartphone with a matching bra, for sure your friends will appreciate it.

  1. Safety Whistle

If you are addicted to talking on the phone, and the battery drain is one of your biggest nightmare would be better to accessorize your smartphone with a whistle that starts beeping when your phone battery begins to discharge.

  1. Lego accessories

If you want to have a nice toy with your smartphone, but you cannot attach any accessory because of the edges of your gadget, you can opt for some miniature lego pieces that catch on the back of the phone.

  1. Special Purse For Your iPhone

If you want to protect your smartphone, you can purchase a bag shaped as coin purse. It is unique, beautifully colored and will always keep your phone safe.

  1. Mini-stylus

You can animate the phone with a mini stylus, which has both a decorative role as well as a functional one. You can use this mini stylus if you cannot use your hands to type on the screen.

  1. Retro Cases for iPhone and iPad

Lovers of retro accessories would probably consider a case that turns their iPad into a Mac from the 80s.

  1. Bacon iPad Case

A case for iPad seemingly destined to gourmands, this accessory turns Apple’s tablet into a device that stirs our appetite. Funny for a gift, isn’t it?

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