Top 10 Best 2014 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tricks and Tips

One of the most feature-filled smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is stuffed with tools to help you block undesired phone calls or notifications, prolong battery life or ensure your safety while traveling. Here are 10 tips and tricks regarding Samsung Galaxy S4.

1. Decreasing Lag in Touchwiz

If you’re not too fond of the S Voice app, uninstalling it will transform your Touchwiz experience into a smoother one. You may have noticed the slight lag between touching your home button and the home screen showing up. This is caused by the smartphone’s assumption that you want to launch S Voice. The lag will disappear once you turn off the “Open via home key” option in the S Voice app.

One other option for speeding up Touchwiz is changing the options in the Developer Options menu. Access: Settings – More – About Device. Afterwards, scroll down to the build number and tap it 7 times.
Go back to the Developer’s Option Menu. Turn off “Window animation scale”, “Animator duration scale”, “Transition animation scale” and “Drawing”. You will be left with less animation now, but your app will be more responsive.

2. Increasing Battery Power

When you find yourself with only 10% battery left or less, you just have to go to the Quick Settings notification pane and turn on Power Saving Mode.
This feature turns on CPU power saving, turns off haptic feedback, decreases screen brightness and turns off your data connection. You can choose to deactivate any of these options from the app’s settings.

3. Enabling Multiple Window Mode

Nowadays, everyone wants to multi-task which is why it is a great idea to enable multiple window mode on your smartphone. The feature allows the user to run two applications at the same time (for example: the web browsing and email apps).
To enable it, hold down the back button and the multi-window menu will appear on the leftside of the screen. Slide it out, choose your desired apps and that’s all you need to do!

4. Customizing The Notification Panel

Access the notification pane, then tap the button in the right corner, the one next to the Settings button (it should look like 3 squares and 2 arrows) and afterwards tap the pencil icon which will appear. Now you can change the settings however you’d like for the top five to appear in the notification pane.

5. Increasing Your Photos’ Quality

Even though the Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera, that doesn’t mean it will shoot photos at that quality. To enable those high quality photos, you have to go to your Camera app and change the size to 13MP from the Settings menu.

6. Getting 50GB of Free Cloud Storage for 2 Years

To have free cloud storage at your disposal, you just need to download the Dropbox app. Dropbox can upload your photos to cloud storage, making sure you won’t lose any content if your Galaxy S4 gets stolen or lost. Google+ has this feature as well, but the bonus of the Dropbox app is that it uploads your photos at the highest quality.

7. Enabling The Air Gestures Feature

Access Quick Settings and enable Air Gestures. This feature will allow you to answer any calls by just moving your hand above the sensor.

8. Taking a Screenshot

There are two ways you can take a screenshot. The first is just by holding down the power and home button at the same time. The other one requires enabling it from the Settings menu. Access Settings – My Device – Motion and gestures – Palm Motion and then switch on “Capture Screen”. This will allow you to take a screenshot by swiping your palm over the screen.

9. Blocking Undesired Calls

If you don’t want to be bothered for a period of time, you can turn on the “Blocking Mode” feature via My Device. This feature will block every call, notification, alarm you have and even your LED indicator. You can choose to enable it manually or set the phone to disable communication in a desired period of the day.

If you need to block a specific person, you can go to Settings – My Device, and then access the Call menu. Here you need to tap the “Auto Reject” option where you can add the number that has been bothering you. The smartphone can also send a personalized meson to this person and explain the reason why they can’t reach you.

10. Enabling The Safety Assistance Mode

This is the perfect feature to enable when you are traveling alone. The feature will send an emergency message to your desired contacts, which will include your location with the addition of two photos taken by both the front and rear camera. The app will trigger when you hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

You can turn on the feature by going to: Settings – My Device -Safety Assistance.

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