The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion in 2016

Every year, as Christmas approaches, it gets harder and harder to find the perfect gift. If you’re struggling for inspiration then maybe you should abandon the high street and think more creatively.

What could be better than a framed photograph using alphabet art!

How It Works

The process involves using creative photography to capture images of architectural features, landmarks, nature, landscapes and everyday objects that resemble letters of the alphabet. The photographs are then arranged to create a name or a word. Black and white photography is used to enhance the images and make the letters stand out even more.

The Perfect Gift

Not only does it make a unique gift idea, but by choosing from a range of photo images for each letter, you can add your own creative touch and create a bespoke photo montage that is more personal and meaningful.
Alphabet pictures are an ideal gift for any age group and for any occasion. They can be mounted in any setting and complement all types of decor.

The beauty of this unique gift is, that when it’s unwrapped, it takes a moment or two to work out the letters. The gasp of delighted surprise that follows is priceless!

Classic black or white colored frames are stylish and elegant; however, you can choose your frame to suit a particular occasion.

Wedding Gifts

A cream frame would beautifully set off the photos to create a truly unique gift for the bride and groom on their wedding day. You could use their names, choose special words such as ‘love’ or ‘harmony’, or opt for a ‘Mr & Mrs’ montage.

Depending on where the wedding is set, you may be able to use the location to create words from local landmarks. For a London wedding, you can choose from a wide range of architectural images and landmarks to create a more meaningful memento of the special day.

Christening Gifts

The perfect alternative to traditional christening gifts, you can spell baby’s name with images that are significant and personal to you and the parents, or opt for a simple heart shape. Choose a bright-coloured frame to suit the baby’s bedroom, or a more subtle colour if mum and dad would prefer to hang it elsewhere.


In modern times more people are choosing to emigrate to far flung places such as Australia or Canada. Christmas is the perfect time for visiting relatives and family reunions. What could be more ideal than a truly memorable Christmas gift made up of iconic British images for your loved ones to cherish.

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