Telltale Games Making Minecraft Spinoff Game

Have you ever wonder how it will be if Minecraft will be come with a story? Now all it’s possible because the developers from Telltale Games come with Minecraft: Story Mode. Yes it’s true, the popular survival, mining and building video game developed by Mojang will have a story line.

On Mojang website, was announced, through a press release, today on December 18 Minecraft: Story Mode version. On a conversation with a Mojangster that takes place in the miniature game, Info Quest II, it’s revealed that Minecraft: Story Mode will be launched in 2015 for Androids, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation consoles and Xbox consoles.

Telltale Games is well known for creating story line for other franchises. This year for example it collaborated and finished “The Walking Dead: Season Two” and also released “Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series”, the season 3 action with the Westeros events. Telltale Games have done a good job collaborating with others and the Story Mode from Minecraft will surely will be something fantastic. Millions of people are playing Minecraft and it is very catchy because they are walking around an open world and gather materials and craft the materials in homes, tools and weapons.

A press release that came with Info Quest II says the following: “We’re not intending on creating an ‘official’ story for Steve [the official name for the default Minecraft player character], or explaining the world of Minecraft in detail. It will be a cool game”.

There was some precedent when it comes to story line in Minecraft, it is called Minecraft Novels and it’s about Steve’s adventures. But this version was not associated officialy with Mojang.

Like was in others video games released by Telltale, “Minecraft: Story Mode” will be episodic. It will be release in multiple parts, during several months. It will start the release later in 2015. Info Quest II, the interactive announcement, can be played on Mojang website.

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