Tekken 7 – Online Tournament Mode Officially Confirmed

Tekken is one of the most prolific fighting game franchises that started on the classical arcade machines and along the way it grew on both console and PC platforms. The franchise managed to gather a massive fan following making Tekken more even more popular than the likes of Street Fighter, especially since there already are six installments in the franchise and a seven one is on its way. Fans of the game should be happy to hear that Bandai Namco announced that they will implement an online tournament mode for all editions of the game, but right now the mode is limited only to the arcade platforms.

The PC and console editions of Tekken 7 will hit the market during 2017 so players that don’t own an arcade machine have to wait a little more before they can get their hands on the game. The new tournament mode will allow players to organize a tourney that either uses single or double elimination and the organizer can even give in game rewards to the champions. What makes the online tournament mode stand out is that it comes with a spectator mode that’s embedded with voice chat which will allow players to live commentate the matches.

The news regarding the new feature was broke today during a Bandai Namco official live stream where the company also announced that Tekken 7 will have two extra characters, Panda and Kuma which are two bear characters that can be found in older edition of the game. In the announcement it was made clear that players can choose to make the online tournament either private or public. This is great because some people might just want to enjoy a tournament among friends and not with strangers.

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