Why Social Media is So Important at University

Social media is a huge component of the university experience. Things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have taken over the way that things are experienced today. Regardless of how you experience university, most of the time you will experience it through a smartphone in some way. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most popular social media sites and how they benefit you at university today. AN understanding of social media will also help you when studying Marketing too.


Facebook is of course the largest social media site on the planet today. The site allows you to connect with your friends, see what they’re doing and also broadcast your own life on to the internet. The site is incredibly beneficial to your university experience. Most companies advertise jobs on their Facebook page, universities make crucial announcements on their page, clubs will release promotional offers and you can see what your friends are up to at the moment. Also, even better is that if you’re at university, you can see what your family is getting up to at home too, so you’ll never be far away for them at all.


Twitter is the double edged sword of social media. For every troll and annoying quotes page, their is a delightfully funny parody account or a celebrity having a breakdown. Luckily, Twitter helps university students too, you can see up-to-the-second updates and you can also see the latest open days for universities too. This is also where you can keep up to date with what’s happening in the world today, whether that be world news, sport or even just what your friends are up to right now, you can see it all right on Twitter.


Instagram allows you to share pictures with people. You can see what your friends are up to and you can also see the latest deals for new companies. Companies often decide to release their latest deals on Instagram, why thought? Because Instagram has the most engagements that’s why! There are plenty of apps that are released for it too, these allow you to repost, to save images and to add even more filters to your pictures. With Instagram you can learn more about people and also about new offers that people have and also about the various new things that are happening at home.


This is possibly the most important social media out there for students to use right now. The entire site is there to allow you to build your own network and for you to increase your chances of getting a job. LinkedIn stands alone in this sector, although many people are looking to grow a social media site like this, very few sites like LinkedIn can have the same impact. Here you can see what people are doing in their respective companies, you can see useful information in the sector that you’re studying and you can also see what some of the biggest influencers on the planet are doing right now.


This is a very cool tool for students that allows you to capture essential information and allows you to access it later, from any computer anywhere in the world. You can also clip a webpage, a business card, a picture, some class notes, somes quotes from a book of your choosing, a voice recording or whatever else that you think that you might need to find later. Another incredibly helpful tool in Evernote is its ability to recognise the words in any pictures that you might want, even if they’re handwritten, which makes it incredibly high-spec tech too. You can also search for words and find any of the pictures that may have that word in it.

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