ShowBox Update Comes with New Movie Filters

Are you one of those people who can’t go a couple of days without watching a movie? If your answer to the question is yes, then most likely you have already heard of, if not used, the ShowBox app. What is ShowBox? It’s one of the best apps when it comes to watching movies, TV shows or streaming content to your device. It offers access to a huge database of movies and TV shows, so you can never get bored with it. But let’s see what’s new in the latest version of the app!

New and Improved Features

Starting from the basic things, we should mention that the developers’ team focused on solving the issues that were reported before. As such, you won’t see the app freezing or crashing anymore, not even in the moments when the server is full. The interface has also been through some changes, so now it’s lighter and makes the app more responsive. The overall app presents itself now as being more stable, which is great.

Users are now able to filter out the movies according to the release date, genre or IMDB rating. This offers you a greater freedom when it comes to choosing what to watch tonight. You can also create a playlist and save it, plus you will notice that the latest version of the app is smaller than the previous ones.

Downloading the App

Download ShowBox from the official website! Don’t fall into the trap of the scammers and fake websites, so be careful! You won’t find the app on the official app stores, but you can still access their official website whenever you want to download and install it. It is available for Mac, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Android, so you can use it on across a variety of platforms.

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