ScreenHero for Teamwork on 2 Macs

Do you have 2 Macs and you want them to collaborate? Well, with this awesome app that I’m going to present you, you will see that there is nothing easier than using this. Here is the answer: ScreenHero.

ScreenHero is an app that goes a little further with communication between remote working individuals. It allows people to review multiple applications at the same time. Even if it’s on beta stage and only on Mac, it’s very useful in some cases:

  1. Computer Programmin– programmers usually need to check each other work if they are not working together. So, they need a permanent connection between them in order to do the task and in this case ScreenHero is a real help.
  2. Design Productions– if you are working on a logo, on a website or in anything else, it is better to use ScreenHero not to screw up things, to work along with the client, in order to create what he wants and likes.
  3. Financial Planning– if you are working with numbers, or you need to do some maths, things might get tricky. In order to avoid mistakes, it’s better to have more than a pair of eyes to check the work you have done. Use ScreenHero to avoid mistakes and to do the work as a pro.

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