Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch Review

Samsung Gear S2 was launched at IFA 2015 in a grand event. So grandiose that I failed to realize why Samsung would invest so much in promoting SmartWatch – more specifically, the seventh company’s SmartWatch. After a week with him, I realized why the stakes are so high.

Samsung Gear S2 is the first round of the Samsung smart watch and the first to really look like a watch, not a smartphone that comes wrist. Samsung Gear S2 is the first smart watch that I really like from South Korean company and the first real Samsung competitor to Apple’s Watch and for the Top Android watches.

The clock is proof that Samsung has begun to address things differently in terms of its products, which had begun to see since the Samsung Galaxy S6 here. It seems to be designed for user comfort and to meet their needs.

Perhaps more important than anything, Gear S2 is the device that managed to get my attention Tizen ecosystem and showed me his true potential. Let’s see, however, what makes him so special in a market complicated, but is in full swing.

Introduction – Samsung Gear S2

Control is performed using the touchscreen, by rotating around the display (which rotates to scroll faster menus and to control various features) but also via the two buttons on the right, one of the “back” and one of “home”. It is waterproof and that’s specifications. Let’s get to the really interesting.

Pros – Samsung Gear S2

  • The design is the first thing that attracted me to watch from Samsung. If Gear S device seemed absolutely horrible in terms of appearance and the Galaxy Gear failed to move me with anything, I was immediately drawn Gear S2. Frankly, the normal version seems more successful than the “classic”. SmartWatch looks like a fashion accessory, but as a special one. It looks like a gadget, but at the same time as a clock.
  • It has a high-tech air, but at the same time, it makes you even notice it before you figure out what he can do. The two buttons on the side are almost invisible but easily felt. Wheel surrounding satisfactory display rotates, making a little click every move. The strap is attached to the dial so as to mold perfectly over any wrist, and the clock is so easy that you can forget you’re wearing it not strongly vibrate occasionally.


  • The display has high brightness and it is clearly visible even in bright light. Instant touch sensor responds to touch, better than does the integrated mine Moto 360.
  • The performance managed to impress me since the first time I grabbed the first S2 Gear. In the menu there is not the slightest delay and applications work seamlessly, with very few exceptions. The application maps (HERE Maps) go with small delays, but all are better than the Android Wear watches. Watch comparison with Apple seems nothing in this chapter, since the clock to Apple (at least the first version of the OS) showed a frustrating slowness, even navigating the menus.
  • Autonomy is also to be commended. S2 Gear resists day (taken from busy morning, recharged at night, the next day) and I appreciated that. Not the other, that are used to put my stand SmartWatch site’s special every night, but there were times when extra autonomy would give me extra connectivity. It should be noted here that the two days were achieved without activating the function that makes the screen to stay on all the time (in which case one day lead battery and some, but not both). Also to be mentioned in battery and battery saving mode, which limits most functionality, allowing only notification in case of call and SMS and the time display. With saving mode and 5% battery on the watch anymore about three hours.


  • The operating system, however, remains the biggest plus. After I grabbed (or, rather, after I put the hand) Android Wear, I thought I will not find a better system optimized and intuitive than him. I was wrong, however. Tizen is a good system for television, but is an extraordinary watch. I loved everything from optimization and functionality, to design.
  • In addition, the wheel that surrounds the screen and can be used as a scroll or zoom is incredibly well implemented sofware platform. I say “incredible” simply because it is not just a marketing trick or functionality irrelevant asked to take the eyes of potential carriers. Those who can use the touch screen without problems, but the magic wheel shame “digital crown” of Apple, which is very inconvenient to use. After I returned to my watch with Android, I woke up a few times trying to spin the screen for various actions.

Points against – Samsung Gear S2

  • Applications or, rather, lack of them could be the big drawback of the new clock. Unlike Watch OS or Android Wear, Tizen the clock of the Samsung failed to attract many developers complaining. For example, to navigate using the clock will have to install HERE Maps on your phone and there is no Shazam app to help you find faster music that interests you. Neither the selection of sides (watchfaces) is not very high in any event as varied as the one on Android Wear.
  • However, these are things that will be resolved in time and that, to me, does not bother me so much. I firmly believe that a watch, no matter how clever it would not be a replacement for your phone. 360 Moto mine rarely use applications. Otherwise, I appreciate notifications that can answer the phone without the phone out of his pocket and that can change the music with the same ease.


Conclusion – Samsung S2 Gear

Gear S2 shows, along with high-end phones launched this year by Samsung, the South Korean giant has finally come to maturity. That came finally to understand users and come up with products easy to use, pleasant to use, that even you want. Gear S2 shown alongside Galaxy smartphones this year that Samsung is the only real competitor of Apple. It was before, but mainly just when it came to sales. Now it has become a fierce competitor when it comes to philosophy behind the products and the feeling that they offer users. And big deal.


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