iOS Prometheus Jailbreak Tool Just Went Live

iOS power users should be happy to hear that Prometheus just went live and it’s finally available to the wide public. The Prometheus tool gives iOS users the ability to downgrade and upgrade their devices to whichever iOS versions they wish either it being iOS 9.0 or iOS 10. What’s even greater about Prometheus is that it can be used on both jailbroken iOS devices and non-jailbroken ones, but right now it’s only available for Mac but Linux and Windows editions are going to be released soon.

If you are thinking of using Prometheus, the best advice we can give you right from the start is that if you don’t consider yourself as being a tech savvy person you should consider taking your device to an expert first and not head into the downgrading or upgrading process by yourself. With that being said, you should know that before being able to use Prometheus you will need to have your SHSH2 blobs saved for the software version you are changing to and to do that by using the auto-tsschecker tool which was created by a Reddit user named “1Conan”. Also to not forget is that the tool can be downloaded from the developer’s official website.

Saving SHSH2

  • Connect the device to a Mac via USB and start iTunes.
  • Select the designated device from the left harder and then choose the “Serial Number” option where your device’s ECID will pop-up, the copy the ECID.
  • Now convert the decimal ECID in hexadecimal format by using Google.
  • Using a browser access “” where you will need to enter your hexadecimal ECID and then the SHSH2 blobs will be saved there.

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