Nokia Lumia 635 vs Motorola Moto G – Best of the Best

Nokia’s Lumia 635, a device that is going to be released this summer, is the first smartphone to run on the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. The handset is expected to be a success, including features like a voice assistant (just like Siri for iPhones). It is expected to be a low-priced smartphone but filled with high-end features.

Both have 4G LTE and regarding their displays, they both have 4.5 inches IPS capacitive touch screens but they don’t have the same outlook. The  Motorola Moto G is reported to be easier to handle as well as more comfortable, because of its rounded edges. Both devices can replace their back case: for the Nokia Lumia 635 you will find colors like green, black, white, orange and yellow while the Motorola Moto G also has multiple colorful cases.

Nokia’s Lumia 635 is thinner than the Moto G from Motorola (2 mm) and is also lighter: the Lumia 635 weighs 134 g while the Moto G weighs 143 g. The Motorola device runs on Android KitKat.

While Microsoft’s OS has some great features too (like Nokia’s Here suite), we tend to like more Moto G’s Android operating system. This OS has an app store (a.k.a. Google Store) that is packed with awesome apps and amazing games you can install with just a click. The Windows Phone does not compare to that.

Regarding the display, we see that the Nokia smartphone has a resolution of 480 x 645 pixels, while the Motorola handset has a whooping 720 pixels HD display, which is guaranteed to offer you the better movie experience (think sharp and colorful picture).

If you’re more into the Nokia Lumia 635 there is no need to worry, since the handset features a ClearBlack display which is meant to make up for the lower resolution. A nice feature in Lumia’s specs is the MixRadio feature that is basically an app to listen to music, download music for offline use and even discover new great music since the app will better understand your taste in music after a certain period of time.

For a couple of cheap smartphones, they both surprisingly sport quad-core processors which means a superior gaming experience for the user. If you’re worried about memory, find out that both devices have a microSD slot so you can expand your given memory.

Regarding the camera, both the Motorola and the Nokia device feature a 5MP primary camera which will allow you to shoot amazing 720p videos. All that being said, we prefer Motorola’s handset in this category, since it presents a LED flash (not available on the Lumia 635) and front-facing lens. This basically means that your smartphone will take great shots in the dark too, rather than the alternative: grainy looking photos.

You will find the Motorola Moto G  (16 GB) at a price of $199.98, while the Nokia Lumia 635 is expected to cost around $212.00.

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