Minecraft Xbox One Release Date

On March 27th, Daniel Kaplan made a statement about releasing Minecraft for the Xbox One sometime in the future. This was a response for the masses of fans that “demand” to be updated on all the news about the amazing video game console. You must of heard about Minecraft before, we even have a list of tips & tricks for the game posted, so check that out.

Rumor has it that the game developers and technicians are working hard on this block-construction game for everyone that is just waiting for Minecraft to be available on the Xbox One console. You might know the Xbox 360 version of this game. Well, if you loved it, find out that Mojanc officially declared that the Xbox One version is being made by the same great team of experts. The first time we heard about the release was at the Microsoft Press conference last year. We also heard it at the Sony Electronics expo (Electronic entertainment expo). Here we heard about other game releases like Minecraft on the PS4,with news about PS3 and Vita ports.

 A lot of important people made statements about the Minecraft release, so we know it’s legit (and might happen sooner than you’d think). Microsoft’s Phil Spencer declares that 4J Studios is the one that makes the decisions about updates and release dates for the development of Minecraft on the consoles. Even though discreet, we found out from him that the developers are doing a very nice job and the release date won’t be that far away in the future. We might even see the Xbox One version of Minecraft before the PS4 one.

 Phil Spencer further said that after talking with Markus Persson and someone else from the developers’ team, he found out that the work is going great and there is serious hope that Minecraft Xbox One will make a difference in the gaming world. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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