Minecraft – Top 5 Tips and Tricks for 2014

Minecraft constantly comes with new updates, so it is difficult to keep up with all the tips and tricks available to make your gaming experience a smoother and easier one. We composed a list of the best hints we find that you just NEED to know about Minecraft, so keep reading if you’re interested.


If you got yourself somehow stuck underwater (maybe by a flood or just overstaying underwater because you weren’t paying attention) we have just the thing for you. You might not know this, but torches give some air pockets underwater, so you can place a torch right against your character so it can get a quick breathe in.


This is a more common one, so you might already know it. If you need to get rid of a stack of sand or gravel, just take out the first block (the bottom one) and replace it with the torch. The torch will make the remaining block collapse.


We know, we just told you that Torches break apart the gravel and sand. But if you mount your torch onto a wall and then place blocks of sand or gravel over it, they won’t collapse. If you’re looking to have floating sections into your building, this is a great way to do it.


Here’s another trick about torches: you can use them as a scaffolding tool to help you build. You can build off the sides of your torch, so you don’t need to add a brand new block. This tip comes in handy when you are out of blocks.


This might be common as well, but water and lava can be stopped by ladders and signs. Who wants lava in their building? Let’s be real now, no one. So if you are looking to stop lava or water (great tip when working underwater) you can just put a ladder or a sign in the way and that’s that! Easy peasy!

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