Minecraft Available to Play on Apple TV

Minecraft is among the most popular games all of times, and the reason for that is that it can be played by gamers of all ages, and now on almost all platforms that there are, from mobile to consoles and all in between. The game allows the player to combine his creativity and sense of adventure and that makes for a great time. The game puts all the tools for the players disposal so that they create almost anything they think about, from tools of survival, houses, castles to roller coasters. And because of that reason Minecraft has already come out to almost all platforms possible, the next on the line is Apple TV.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has announced at the live Apple event today that thousand of new apps are now available on Apple TV, and one of them is Minecraft. Everyone suspected that the edition of Minecraft release for Apple TV is going to be the Pocket Edition, but we were wrong since a new version of Minecraft is going to be made especially for Apple tv, called MineCraft: Apple TV Edition. The new version will have similar base code as the other games but it will probably bring some new features that will make it a bit different from the other editions of the game.

To be able to play Apple TV users might have to buy a third party controller to be able to fully enjoy the game. Apple TV’s new wireless remote has a touchpad and has more buttons on it than the usual smart TV remote but it still won’t be enough to make the gameplay fun.

Apple has not announced the official release date, they just said that the most popular game for both console and mobile devices will be available for the Apple TV before the year ends, meaning that the game will probably come out before Christmas.

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