Microsoft virtual assistant – Cortana, will reach iOS and Android

Cortana, the digital assistant created by Microsoft, has shown impressive results from the early stages of development. Now, people from Microsoft are serious about making it available for competing platforms

Since Cortana system proved better and more accurate performances than Siri or Google Now the Moto X, those from Microsoft have a big dilemma. “We kind of scratch your head now. It is interesting to think about the future of these virtual assistants and if they become a reason to choose a particular ecosystem”, said Marcus Ash, a representative of the Windows Phone platform, at the SMX Advanced conference.

When Cortana will arrive eventually on PCs with Windows, Android and iOS users might feel disconnect when they move from computer to mobile devices. However, porting the virtual assistant from Microsoft on other platforms could remove the competitive advantage that Windows Phone desperately needs.

“If five or ten years from now these assistants will be the reason in choosing Android, iOS or Windows, what is our position?  Cortana could be the thing that I could convince myself, a Windows user, I need to buy myself a Windows Phone? ” Ash told us.

In addition, the Cortana integration in iOS and Android could probe to be a very difficult task, given how ingrained is the virtual assistant in Windows Phone ecosystem. For now however, Microsoft will weigh all the pros and cons that come with such a decision.

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