Microsoft Excel how to became a Pro in no-time

Microsoft Excel is a very important tool in everyone’s life. Since the 2010 version was developed, a lot of new features came and made even the professionals want to find more tricks about this. Here are some tips&tricks in order to make your Microsoft Excel experience easier.

  1. With one click you can select everything

The corner button can help you select everything, but you can stick with the Ctrl+A shortcut too.

  1. Open more than one file

In order to avoid opening the files you want to open one by one, you can select the ones you want to and then press Enter.

  1. Change the spreadsheets easily

With Ctrl + Tab you can easily change the spreadsheets, so you can forget about possible errors like writing in the wrong file.

  1. A new shortcut Menu

Just go to File->Options->Quick Access Toolbar if you want to add new shortcuts in the top menu, such as Copy/Paste.

  1. Diagonal lines to a cell

If you want to add a diagonal line to a cell, in order to create a classmate address list, for example, go to Home->Font-> Borders-> More Borders. Click it, save, and use it right now.

  1. Add Rows and Columns

To add more than one row and column you need to stop thinking about the method for one, because it takes to much time to do it with X rows and columns for example. Instead, you can drag and select the X rows and columns you want from your spreadsheet, then click Insert from the drop down menu on the highlighted ones. You will find your new columns and rows above or to the left of the columns you selected.

  1. Move and Copy data in Cells

To move a column in the wanted spreadsheet, you only need to choose it, move your pointer on it and wait to appear a crossed arrow icon. If you want to Copy the data from the column just press Ctrl before you move it.

  1. Fast navigation

If you have a big document, you can use Ctrl+ any arrow on the keyboard, helping you to navigate among the informations in your files, from above to the bottom line.

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