How to Measure Your Flat Screen TV Set

The diagonal of the screen has a big impact on the price, and if you are replacing an old flat screen TV, dimensions are different. One of the best and easiest ways to choose is to know which size feels better for your normal viewing distance and the desired images quality. Then you can change these dimensions, so that it fits in the room and to match the money you want to spend.

Nowadays, when talking about television measurements we tend to talk about the screen dimension as this is what we use to differentiate between televisions.

Unlike most other things, televisions do not get measured vertically and horizontally. It is the diagonal that makes the object of your measurement. To get the screen measurement, you need to grab your tape measure and place it on one of the corners, preferably the lower left hand side one. Slowly stretch it to the opposite (upper right hand side) corner and you’ve obtained your diagonal measurement. Make sure it is just the actual screen you are measuring, without including the surrounding plastic before you write anything down.

If for some reason you need the actual physical measurements of your flat screen TV, make sure you measure both width and height from the outside of the TV frame, side to side.

The measurements are usually expressed in inches; however TV sets in Europe use centimetres when referring to diagonal dimensions as the metric system is used in these countries.


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