Mac OS X – Top Must Know Tips and Tricks

Have you been looking to find out what awesome things your Mac can do? There sure are a lot of things to be said here, but we have here the most basic and need-to-know features of your Mac that we feel are essential for the full Mac experience. You may know some of these, but keep reading and you may be surprised just what you might find out.

1. Accessing hidden files from an open window/save dialog

This is quite a nice trick to have in your repertoire and you don’t even know when you will need to use it. If you’re looking to open up a file that is hidden either in an open window or in a save dialog, you can simply do so by pressing Period, Shift and Command at the same time.

2. Accessing folders easily

You probably are a busy person, and if you do your work on your computer you know how time-saving tips & tricks can make your life easier and help you get through your work faster. If you are looking to enter a folder, don’t go through all the fuss: Desktop – C:\ – etc, etc. but rather go to Finder. Afterwards, press Shift, the letter G and Command at the same time. This action will open up a Go To Folder tab. Here you can type in the first letters of the folder (because tab completion works in this window, so it will find the folder you are looking for) and there you go! That’s that! Another easy way to save time on your computer!

3. Photo slideshow in just a second

If you are showing your mom some photos on your computer, or you just want to sit back and enjoy some nice pictures, you can at anytime press the Y button, the Option one and the Command one to transform your series of pictures into a slideshow (fullscreen, we may add).

4. Mac helps you focus on your work

Again, if you work on your computer, this is a feature you will love about Mac. It is productivity focused, pushing back and hiding any other tab than the one you are currently on. This is a easy way to clear up your space of work as well as focusing on what you have to do. Just hit Command, H and Option at the same time.

5. Hiding your current tab

This feature has the opposite effect of the one we showed you before: it will hide the tab you are currently on and will show the one behind. This feature can be activated by pressing the keys H and Command at the same time. If you have a personal/private file that you don’t want to share with anyone, this feature will be your life saver in a situation like this.

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