Mac OS X Top Control Tricks

The Mac OS X has new features for the administrative ones like organizing files, put in order a bunch of photos. It provides some cool stuffs in order to enjoy you experiences with Mac OS X, because it definitely worth having it.

The option key reveals you some new and amazing files, and among the most notable are:

  1. Get some info about Bluetooth icon by option-clicking it.
  2. Get some info about WiFi by option-clicking it in the menu bar.
  3. If you want a different input or output by option-clicking the volume icon.
  4. By option-clicking the notification bar, you can turn off notifications.
  5. Go to system info by option-clicking the Apple icon.
  6. Re-size windows by option-click.
  7. With an option-click ypu can even open all subfoldes.
  8. By option-double-clicking on the column selector you can re-size all columns.
  9. Add “Save As” by option-clicking the file menu.
  10. Option+click the scroll bar to jump anywhere you want in the document.
  11. Option-right-click to force quit app.
  12. Option-click the plus sign to listen to a new song in iTunes.
  13. In order to have more export options in Preview option-click the drop down menu bar.
  14. Option-click on the app you want to be there to replace the app in the forefront.
  15. To resize in multiple of 16 pixels: Option+click+drag the dock.

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