Top Mac Apps to Improve Activity

Mac comes with some cool apps that can be installed on your device, making it undefeated regarding organisation, sharing, converting and so on. Here is our list for turning your device into the best buddy you ever had, the one that helps you solve any problem, the one that helps you respect  deadlines and everything that has to do with businesses.

Ondesoft screen capture for Mac

It’s an amazing application that helps you take every single screen shot at it’s best. Among the features we can easily count the possibility to design your own screen captures with everything you are thinking about: arrow, text boxes, different symbols etc. You can easily find your screen captures in a special document. Thanks to this app you can take a powerful screen capture with endless possibilities.

VidConvert– it’s a simple app that allows you to create awesome videos for iPhone, iPad, Mac or Tv. VidConvert is really popular among people, receiving 5 stars, without being genies in tech area.

Image Smith– with this app you can scale, reorient, recolorize, convert, flatten images. Work with your pictures like a pro, even if you are not.

Wallpaper Wizard– if you want your desktop to be elegant, funny, classy, sporty this is your app. Provide yourself with thousands of wallpapers on your taste.

Type Fu is a funny app that lets you improve your typing skills by increasing your typing speed, your style etc.

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