LG to bring Google TV to Korea & China

Google TV is still not getting as much attention as it had hoped. What Google’s Eric Schmidt mentioned last year that most new TVs will come with Google TV did not happened. However, LG might just be the company’s hope in bringing more televisions with Google TV embedded inside. As mentioned by LG earlier, they are hoping to bring the platform to more regions. In fact, two countries that are stated to be having Google TV are Korea and China.

Google TV enabled devices in the United States have been around for quite some time and it seems that LG has been acknowledging the good sales that it has been getting in the country as well. An unnamed company executive at the KCTA Digital Cable Show also mentioned that Google TV is bringing around 10,000 sales of units per month. As such, he also mentioned that Google TV devices will be brought to Korea by LG Electronics later this year. This comes after the integrated IPTV boxes that have been offered by LG’s Uplus. After Korea, China will be the next market that LG will be testing the new TVs on.

Interestingly, a Google TV enabled device will work wonders with Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One. This is because the latter will not only work as a gaming console but also as a home theatre system as well. There will be a HDMI passthrough port that can work with a cable or satellite box. In addition to that, it can even control these devices with the Kinect 2.0 via the IR blasters and voice and gesture commands.

At the moment, the Google TV devices brought by LG averages at around $1,000 but these are also 3D-enabled devices as well. So buyers in these countries should expect products at around the same price.

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