Learn Solitaire and play it on your phone today

When you open your computer today, you probably have a ton of options as to where to go and what to do. That kind of freedom is great but it wasn’t always available. One of the most popular applications back in the day was Solitaire. If you don’t know what Solitaire is, it’s a card game that you can play on your PC.

Now, thanks to how mobile technology has advanced, you can even play it on your smartphone. Some versions of Solitaire like the one from MobilityWare are available for smartphones so if you’re hip and only use your phone to get around, you can play it without even touching a PC. You just need to pick whether you want the Solitaire for Android version or the iOS Solitaire version.

Getting started with Solitaire

If you want to learn how to play Solitaire, just make sure that you have the game downloaded on your computer or phone, then fire it up. As soon as the game launches, you’ll see a lot of random card piles. Your job is to get all those piles coordinated based on value and suit. Well, not all of them, just four of them actually. The order for the cards goes from Ace being the first card and King being the last one. Do that for each individual suit and you win.

Aces are special

You need to rearrange all the cards but you need to pay special attention to Aces. Aces are the cards that start the card enumeration so you can’t really start a pile without them. There’s a special space for Aces above the card piles. When you uncover or find Aces, place them there. Once you have all the Aces you can move on to assembling the suit piles.

The reverse deck and face-down cards

Not all cards are face-up when you begin a Solitaire game. Many of the cards will be face-down and there is also a reverse deck which you can use but for the beginning phase you shouldn’t worry about it. Eventually, all cards need to come face-up and to do that, you need to arrange all the face-up cards so that a face-down card takes their place on the top of the pile. When that’s the case, turn it face-up and repeat the process until you uncover all the cards. When you can’t make anymore moves, use the reverse deck to get more cards.

Assembling the piles

Once you uncover all your cards and get all your aces, you can begin assembling the suit piles. However, to prepare for that moment you have to assemble alternate piles as you go. So while you’re uncovering cards build piles in value order but with without have two cards of the same suit next to each other. This prevents you from making moves you can’t “undo” once the final assembly approaches.

These are the basics of Solitaire. Now that you have them at the ready, you can start getting the hang of actual Solitaire rounds. The only thing left is to get in there and start arranging those cards.

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