Je suis Charlie- App For Your Solidarity

You probably heard about the attack at Charlie Hebdo redaction in Paris where some of the authors of this satirical newspaper died. Since the attack, the international press has been speaking almost everyday about it and through the power of the internet, “Je suis Charlie” appeared, but you already now this.

What you probably don’t know is that a two-developer team from France uploaded almost immediately a new app on the App Store which allows you to share your solidarity with those affected by this massacre.

This new app hit the App Store on Sunday, but the story behind it may surprise you a bit. This small team spoke directly with Tim Cook, the Apple’s chief executive officer or CEO. Then they quickly received from the company a reply about their newest app.

You may also know that it takes almost 10 days for an app to be uploaded on the App Store. But this is an exceptional case so they got the approval 10 minutes after they contacted Tim Cook on Friday night. But they got the approval with one condition. They could get the “Je suis Charlie” app on the App Store in about an hour if they accepted to become associated with a big name from the press.

It ended up being Nice-Matin, from which they thankfully got the approval. After this partnership was done, the app was reviewed and then successfully implemented. This new app “Je suis Charlie” or “I am Charlie”, after the attacked redaction’s name, basically allows you to broadcast your current location with the well know phrase from above.

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