iOS 9 Downgrades for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Still Available?

Apple has officially ended iOS 9 downgrades. The way they did that was by stopping the signing of iOS 9.3.5 to compatible devices such as iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. The oldest software an Apple owner can have at the moment is the iOS 10.0.2 version, since Apple stopped signing the iOS 10.0.1 version.

This is an ongoing trend from Apple. When a new software update gets released they stop the signing of older ones, urging people to update their devices as soon as they come out.

Apple’s iOS 10.0.1 was released on the 13th of September and it was the first version of iOS 10 available for all iPhones that were compatible with it. The 9.3.5 version was released late back in August , and it was the last update iOS 9 received before iOS 10 was released.

If you still want your device to run on the old iOS 9 versions, there still are a few options left. The best option an iOS user can choose if they want to downgrade their OS version is to download jailbreak tools. The Chinese hacker and developer group named Pengu is known to always release high quality jailbreak tools for the wide public to use. They are so good that even Apple has talked about them on different occasions and even released security updates specially meant for them.

Pengu are expected to release a new jailbreak tool for Apple’s iOS, but some reports are speculating that they are encountering problems and people still have to wait a little bit more until it gets released. But as of now the latest version of iOS that Pengu has managed to jail break is the 9.3.3.

They have found a security breach in the 9.3.3 version, but Apple managed to patch it in the 9.3.4 update, and thus leaving us with only the 9.3.3 iOS version available.

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