iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Available by Pangu

The Chinese hacker group called Pangu is known for their specialty, and that is creating tools to jailbreak iOS devices. The last iOS jailbreak that they have released was for the 9.3.3 iOS, but Apple were on top of their game patch their security flaw with the 9.3.4 iOS update.

Even though iOS 10 has been launched in September, the 9.3.5 iOS version has been released by Apple, and they did it without public beta testing. The 9.3.5 version is compatible only with the following devices:

  • The fifth generation of iPad Touch onward
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 2 onward
  • iPad mini or later versions
  • iPhone 4s and later versions

The 9.3.5 OS version is still blocking the tools provided by Pengu. This update has annoyed all jail-breaking enthusiasts, and alongside that, the feedback users have sent was fairly bad. It got to the point were technical experts were advising people not to upgrade their OS to the 9.3.5 version because of the bad feedback it received.

The Partial Jailbreak

Pangu has released a new software tool that can partially jailbreak the users device. Users can partially jailbreak their devices online, but they should take note that this way a fully functional Cydia will not be installed, because a full functioning Cydia is needed only for a full jailbreak.

To partially jailbreak an iOS 9.3.5 device the user has to access Pangu’s official site. The URL for the site is, keep in mind that they must access the site using the intended device. After accessing the site a button called “jailbreak iOS 9.3 – 9.3.5” will appear, after the user taps on it the site will automatically make a system compatibility check to see if the user is running the right version of iOS. After the check up is complete, a installation wizard will appear and after the installation is finished the user  can now install Cydia on their device.

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