iOS 10.3 – It’s Going To Blow You Away


These days it looks like Apple is set on launching a new iOS update every month. Even though iOS 10.2 was rolled out only a couple of weeks ago, the Cupertino based tech giant is rumored to already have iOS 10.3 ready. This might come as a surprise but it was actually expected to happen since there are a lot of reports which show that once Apple users installed iOS 10.2 their iPhone, the battery started malfunctioning and randomly shutting down meaning that Apple has to come with a solution.

While iOS 10.3 is believed to be centered around providing users with a fix for battery issue, rumors are pointing out that Apple is going to include some additional features alongside the bug fix. The known and liable leakster known as Sonny Dickson stated in a Twitter post that iOS 10.3 will bring a new “Theater Mode”. This mode will be included in the iPhone’s Control Center and will have a popcorn shaped shortcut.

No one knows for sure how will the Theater mode work but the main theory is that it’s either going to be an enhanced video viewing mode or a mode that blocks incoming notifications and lowers the brightness level so the iPhone can be used in cinemas, think DND (do not disturb) mode. Regarding leaked information, Sonny Dickson also mentioned that iOS 10.3 has been codenamed “Erie” and that’s going to drop somewhere around January 10th.

Apple has yet to confirm the existence of iOS 10.3 but we can be sure that it’s going to come any time soon because the company is forced to roll out a solution for the widespread battery problem. Apple has been lucky that this battery malfunction hasn’t appeared in media outlets until now and the company has to hurry in order to prevent that from happening.

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