How to install Wi-Fi Cable onto your Flat Screen TV

Interested in attaching a flat screen TV to your wall? This may be one of the most important reasons of installing WiFI to a flat screen TV, to make your life easier. Stop hiding cables and wires, take a further read for more information.

If you are considering wall-mounting your new flat screen TV but you’re hesitating because of all the wires and cables that need hiding, you’ll be pleased to find out that there is a new technology that enables wireless cable TV to be installed.

Before we start, bear in mind that the power cable will still be visible unless you have wall-mounted your TV over an electrical outlet to hide the cord.

Step 1. Get your flat screen TV up on the wall; if you have used a bracket, make sure the bracket and your TV are compatible.

Step 2. Identify the wireless cable transmitter (looks like an antenna) and make sure it is compatible with your TV. Then install its receiver end into the TV. Signal is now received from the cable box into the TV.

Step 3. Take the transmitter end of the wireless cable transmitter and install it into the cable box while making sure the receiver and transmitter are within the range specified on the box e.g. 20-30 feet. Video signal is now being sent over to your TV.

Step 4. If there are any issues with the reception, disconnect some of the other wireless devices in your household and try again.

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