HTC Vive Pro vs HTC Vive – Which One Would You Choose?

CES 2018 held in Las Vegas presented several new gadgets designed to prove that, when it comes to technology, there is always room for improvement. It is the case with HTC Vive Pro, the newest version of HTC Vive. If you ever used the classical version, you are definitely curious to see what the new one has to offer, so let’s make a comparison between them.

Firstly, the user is amazed by the increased resolution of HTC Vive Pro. The producer has increased the resolution within the dual-OLED displays to 2880 x 1600, which means 1400 x  1600 per eye, while HTC Vive has only 1080 x 1200. Also, HTC Vive Pro has 615ppi and this makes us think that its’ resolution has increased with 78%.

Of course, the increased resolution needs new cameras systems. HTC Vive Pro comes with a dual front-facing cameras system fixed on an comfortable, adjustable dial, while HTC Vive has a single front-facing cameras system held by adjustable velcro straps. Thanks to the Vive Pro’s improvement, users have better conditions for gaming – increased clarity and enhancing immersion.

On the other hand, HTC Vive Pro doesn’t have 4K resolution, but this can also be an advantage since the headset is suitable for a wide range of games that don’t require sophisticated gaming machines. To this end, Vive Pro also has conditions for clearer display of text and picture while using the headset for games or watching videos.

Secondly, sound features need to be analyzed. HTC Vive Pro has high-quality audio standards integrated by the factory. While Vive had only 3.5 mm connections and you needed to use your own headphones or headsets, Vive Pro comes with earcups integrated in the overall design. This means that using this type of headset makes things easier for you, since you don’t need to use many additional cables and thus nothing stays in your way while playing your favorite game. Connected to this, another mention is necessary: HTC Vive Pro includes high-performance headphones with amplifiers that are built-in for an amazing sound experience. If you are a multiplayer games fan, you will also love Vive Pro’s new feature, the microphones that are built-in.

Technology fans will always want what’s new and fresh, so compare both products and choose the best one for you!

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