HTC One M8 Top 2014 Tips and Tricks

Htc One M8
Htc One M8

If you’re thinking about a phone nowadays, you keep in mind that it has to be in the same time with an unique design, elegant, sleek or quite fancy with amazing capacities starting with the processor, the camera, apps and so on. Shortly, a phone that makes your life easier. And yes, I’m talking about the new HTC One M8. If you have one of these, I’m gonna offer you some tips in order to use your device at full capacity.

    Forget about lock screen!
If you’re not a big fan of the lock screen, find out that you can get rid of it. HTC One M8 comes with the capacity to swipe from right to left in order to go to home screen, and from left to right in order to go to BlinkFeed. Remember, these 2 actions must be completed in Standby mode.

    The green button and the red ones are history!
Answering your calls was never a hard thing to do, but with your phone it’s even easier, you just need to swipe down on the lock screen. The other best thing about your HTC One M8 is that you don’t even need to use your fingers to answer the phone. You can hold it to your ear, and the call will start automatically. It couldn’t be cooler than that. Don’t forget to enable this setting by going to Settings > Call > Auto Answer Call.

    Too lazy to look for the remote? No problem!
We all know that feeling when we want to open the TV, but the remote is far away and we are way to lazy to go and grab it. Well, what if I told you that you can use your phone as a remote? You can use it for most model TVs by downloading the HTV TV app which will show you the way to change your TV experience in one that you will hardly forget. Still, you need to be in the same room with the TV and you better keep your old remote next to you, just in case.

    Curious kids alert!
Nowadays even the kids are fascinated with technology and they don’t miss a chance to put their hands on something that looks like a smartphone/tablet/laptop etc. If you are constantly surrounded by them, you can put your phone in Kid Mode, by holding down the Power Button and selecting the Kid Mode when it appears on the screen. In this way, you can protect your files, and you can deny them to make calls.

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