How to Hack Pokemon Go with TutuApp in 5 Easy Steps

Pokemon Go is rapidly approaching its one-year anniversary, and the app is still as popular as ever. Although it rarely every causes chaos in the streets, it does still have a pretty loyal following. However, the game can get pretty hard and challenging as you progress, and Niantic are making it increasingly hard for players to cheat, which in its essence is a really good thing.

However, the game can get pretty complicated for small children to play, or just plain tedious for those that just want to collect Pokemon and have them there on display without the increasingly stark effort of having to go out and catch them. For these instances, TutuApp was created.

About TutuApp

TutuApp is a third party app store that functions much like those patented by Google or Apple, but it’s mainly filled with hacks and tricks that help you go around certain limitation without having to jailbreak your device. In fact, in the case of Pokemon Go particularly, jailbreaking isn’t even an option anymore because Niantic have managed to restrict the game to only non-jailbreak users.

This is where TutuApp comes in. The TutuApp Pokemon Go hack allows you to do cool (and game-illegal things) such as track Pokemon, get an endless supply of Pokeballs and even teleport. You won’t have to visit a Pokestop ever again. Of course, that does take away from the authentic experience that the game strives to offer you, but some people just don’t care about that. Some people just want Pokemon. For them, the TutuApp hack exists. Here’s how to install it in 5 easy steps.

How to Install TutuApp Hack on Pokemon Go

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device, be it an iPad or iPhone, and go to in order to find the installation option for the app.
  2. Locate the green Download button on the TutuApp website and press it. The app will now download and install itself into your device.
  3. Go to your device’s Settings menu and trust TutuApp. This is necessary in order to be able to open the app, so this step is mandatory. If you don’t do it, trying to open the app will trigger one error message after another.
  4. Launch TutuApp and search for the Pokemon Go hack. There are two icons that will appear; you can select any one of the two because they are basically the same thing. The hack will install itself shortly.
  5. In order for the hack to work, you need to perform step 3 all over again. So make sure to let your device know that you trust this program as well in order to be able to reap the benefits. And that’s it, you’re done!

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