GTA V First Person Shooting Mode and Top Features

There is no way you haven’t heard about Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise, and by that logic, about the GTA V. This game is centered around three deeply troubled protagonists that live their own separate life: they all have different characters, history and goals. This game is one big success, the company making billions of dollars at its expence.

While we love the story behind GTA 5, you can also enjoy Grand Theft Auto V Online which is a multiplayer game that does not focus on the timeline we’re given in the original version. If you’re any kind of gamer, you probably already enjoyed this game a couple of times (or maybe a couple hundreds).

What’s been newly ‘added’ to the online version of the game is a hack from XBL ToothPick that allows you to change the camera angle to first person shooting mode. You can enjoy some videos from these developers showing off what the hack does.

What we’re seeing here might just be a nice pointer for Rockstar to get around this feature, since first person shooters are getting some love from the fans. We do know that the GTA V Online DLC has been delayed, so wouldn’t it be awesome if Rockstar read our mind and is working on it? Now, we don’t want to cause anu rumors, since the company did not declare anything about this issue.

Rockstar actually did declare something about the delay for the release date saying that what’s causing it is the work on the Online Heists. This was supposed to be released in spring, but the company is taking longer than expected. Nonetheless, Rockstar did assure us the new version of the game will come with plenty of updates and new features that will make it worth the wait.

An interesting update from the tech giant was “I’m not a Hipster.”. This ironically-titled update came with new hairstyles, weapons, vehicles, tattoos and retro-print t-shirts. We’re expecting a lot from you, Rockstar, so don’t let us down!

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