GTA V- content for Christmas Holidays

Heads up, fans of GTA V! As they promised, Rockstar has released the new content for Christmas Holidays for all your 4 consoles.

This is very good news as we are waiting for the Heists DLC which will roll out in the first quarter of the following year. This should keep us occupied.

New vehicles, new weapons and the possibility to own a third property, 30 new tattoos and 5 new Kit items. For those who log in the game on these days: December 24, December 31 and on the first of January 2015 it will be prepared a Firework Launcher and some more unnamed gifts on December 25.


New features

  • First Person Mode Auto Level Camera added to Settings
  • Owning a third property, 30 cars and 9 bicycles
  • Acceleration and Deadzone sliders added to Settings


New content

  • Four new vehicles added to Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Two new weapons added to Ammu-Nation in GTA Online
  • 30 new tattoos added to all Tattoo Parlours in GTA Online
  • Five new Kit items added in GTA Online


 Festive Period

  • Christmas Tree added to Legion Square
  • Christmas Trees added to all Apartments
  • Snowballs added
  • Five new Festive Surprise themed masks added to Vespucci Movie Masks
  • 90+ new Festive Surprise themed items of clothing
  • Three variants of Elf
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Penguin


Fixed issues

  • Trees not responding to wind and weather
  • One Peyote plant is resetting after being picked up
  • Lester’s first assassinations mission does not affect the Stock Market as it should
  • Michael’s drinking animation incorrect if he answered the phone mid-drink
  • Matchmaking and connectivity speed
  • Number of map holes / escapes
  • Leaderboards could flicker when being viewed
  • Adding Turbo upgrades to a vehicle could make it slower

This list goes on and on so we welcome this new patch and wait for the next one in the upcoming year.

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