GTA 6 New Location, Release Date and VR Leaks


The GTA franchise has been a great success overall and because of that, Rockstar Games is expected to release another game installment as soon as possible. Grand Theft Auto 6 is considered as one of the most hyped up games and gamers everywhere are highly awaiting its release, especially since the latest GTA 5 was a major success. The upcoming GTA 6 installment is surrounded by rumors and speculations but we’ve gathered the most liable ones to present them right now.

Map and Protagonists

Traditionally the game has been always set in the U.S. and right now it looks like Rockstar Games is thinking of switching up the style and setting the game in a foreign country. The two main contenders are Japan and London because they fit right into the gangster theme of the game, with Japan’s Yakuza and London’s crime mob. One of the major complaints regarding the game is that there aren’t any important female characters and because of that Rockstar has to implement a new female protagonist. The company will implement a new female protagonist also because the game is also played by women and not only males.

Virtual Reality

Taking in consideration that VR gaming is all the rage right now and that the VR market is quickly developing, Rockstar will surely take advantage of that and implement VR content levels in the game. Adding VR content is what’s going to make the game stand out among its competitors and it will definitely make the game more appealing towards customers.


While everyone keeps on speculating about the game’s new features, Rockstar Games is keeping their mouths shut and not confirming anything. While these features look exciting, we can’t be sure of anything until the producers decide to unveil them. The developing company won’t give out additional details because they are getting close to the launch date of Red Dead Redemption 2, and they want customers to focus on that game.

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