Grand Theft Auto V Available On PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto V was first released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but for those who are waiting for the other three versions: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC,  Rockstar announced that these variants will be launched in E3.

GTA V was launched last September, but only for old consoles generation and didn’t make it available for PC. Rockstar made the announcement that GTA V will be made available for all other popular platforms. We expect this to happen by the fall of 2014, but after many games have been postponed this year, so nothing is excluded.

Grand Theft Auto V will use the power of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One PC to make improvements in stunning graphics and new gorgeous details. Distances shall be enlarged ,detail texture will be better, the traffic will be more dense .

Rockstar promises that if you started the game on PS3 with GTA games Online you can port the game profile an progress to another console (i.e. PS4, XBOX, PC).

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