Google Panda 4 update punishes pres release sites

Last update of the Google algorithm, Panda 4.0 seems to punish sites that host press releases, doing so they will lose the page rank achieved .

And discussed here we’ve seen sites with spectacular traffic crashes, sometimes over 70%! Among the names that are affected by this are sites like Bloomberg, that a paid 3rd party sites to host their press releases.

Of course, last year Google has warned companies not to introduce too many links and keywords in press releases that they give. However, especially when it comes to sites like Bloomberg, the press has become the preferred mode of the PR industry to do exactly what Google has recommended not to do!

Google believes PR firms and marketing companies produce similar actions to those SEO firms, because the ultimate goal is to improve visibility in the market rather than by merit certain paid activities.

So, Google is wishing that search results reflects the popularity of natural, organic content, and now it seems to begin applying penalties!

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