Google Drive – Top 5 Tips and Tricks

How to use Google Docs like a Pro

If you have been stuck working with Google Drive, turn that frown upside down, since the program can be kind of… fun to work with, actually. You just need to know all the tips and tricks about it and you will be just fine.

1. Check out the “Activity” feature in each of your folders in Google Drive. You don’t even know how much you will appreciate this feature. It basically allows you to keep an eye on your other co-workers in any project. Now you will find out which one edited what portion, and if you have the responsibility to examine them, even better! This will be your life saver, since you will know which person edits what in your shared documents.

2. This is your time to let out the creativity that mister Arts Teacher in 2nd grade didn’t think too much of. All joking aside, bringing some color and uniqueness to your folders is just the thing to shake all that boredom an official file can inspire. Access the drop-down you will see next to each folder to edit your color scheme. Experiment, fool around, don’t forget to have fun!

3. Going through your Google Drive library can be an annoying task, especially if you’ve been working a while and the documents keep piling up. The trick to not spending precious time looking for a document is going to the “Recent” tab and finding the most recent documents you have been working on. You will find this tab under “Starred” and “Shared with me”.

4. Like the extensions we use in our browser, Google Drive can also have some very useful add-ons that will save you time and effort. Let’s take for example the bibliography creator – this will save a lot of your time when writing an essay or thesis. Check out the add-ons available for Google Drive, you never know what helpful feature you will find that you didn’t know existed.

5. Google Drive even gives you the option of researching certain apps without ever leaving the document you are on. Reach Tools – Research and you will be able to find out everything you need about a certain item. Another feature here is that you can pull over images which can also make your life much easier, and frankly, liven up any document.

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