Google Chrome – Best 5 Extensions

You might think these Google Chrome Extensions are just another annoying pop-up from a site you haven’t even heard of on your browser’s tab, but don’t go on with that thought! There are a lot of interesting extensions, which will make your browsing experience a smoother one. So keep reading for the best 5 Chrome extensions that will definitely make your life easier.

1. SEOmoz Mozbar

This extension will help you keep track of important info for your Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) like: Meta descriptions, Meta robots, server’s IP address, number of domains/URL linking on a certain site, title tag, MozRank, mozTrust, and more. We recommend this extension for those heavy web users.

2. Check my Links

This is the perfect Google Chrome extension for web developers, designers and content editors. If you are by any chance checking out a web page with a large number of links, the Check My Links extension will help you check each individual link to make sure it is safe.

3. Dragon Go Server notifier

Dragon Go Server notifier will display a page’s original server (the one that generated the page). The extension has available server software like GWS, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx, Apache and many others. If you click the notifier, the extension will give you more in-depth information.

4. SEO SERP Manager

This Google Chrome extension will give you the chance of adding keywords that you particularly want to be tracked at a set-up period of time. SEO SERP Manager will also allow you to add a number of domains, while choosing the keywords that fit best with the domain.

5. Redirect Path

This is a very popular extension among the tech amateurs, since it will identify redirect chains a lot faster than without it. Once you are on the desired page, you use the search bar – the G-Chrome extension will show you details about the redirect, and if you click it, the extension will also show you a redirect path.

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