Get Top 7 Mac Apps – Mac Freebie Bundle 3.0

Mac Freebie Bundle: 7 Top Mac Apps all together

This is one of our happy days. We sure see some software bundles that aren’t all that great, but when we saw the Mac Freebie Bundle 3.0 we just knew we had to share it with the world. The bundle will have 7 best Mac apps, all of this at only $119. (believe us, it’s a very good price for its features)

So, let’s see the apps you will receive with the package.

  1. X-Mirage

 X-Mirage will mirror any videos, photos, presentations and even gameplay to your Mac. The app doesn’t only do that, but it is great at recording your iOS apps for any porpoise (video reviews, demonstrations, etc). This is one of the top best Mac apps, so you will probably enjoy using it too.

  1. ClipBuddy

 If you ever felt like you needed to copy more than just one thing and you were tired of that back and forth changing from a program to another, ClipBuddy is just the thing for you. The app will copy and save everything you want to copy, and you will be able to reach them later. Even more, the app will categorize them in folders for you to reach them more easily.

  1. Elmedia Player Pro

 We are in love with this app! Elmedia Player Pro isn’t your standard video watching app, but it also supports a large number of video formats as well as giving you the opportunity to download films in a clean UI (user interface). You will definitely be pleased with this app, we hope you try it out!

  1. cf/x Mosaic

 This is a simple app, and it might be a return to the basics. It might even bring you back memories, and you will have some fun. Cf/x Mosaic will take your picture, crop it and after pressing “Go”, it will transform your photo into a mosaic. So if you are a fan of the mosaic art, you will like this app.

  1. Vidiary Video Journal App

 Didn’t you have a diary when you were little? Because we sure know we did. Well, here’s a new type of diary, adapted to the current technology: a video one. If you want to record all your memories (either a concert, a birthday, an extremely funny joke with your best friend, etc) you will love Vidiary Video Journal App.

  1. Bits

If you’re feeling inspirational, Bits is the app for you. If your inspiration hits in random places like on the subway or on your way to lunch, you can add your notes into this app. Bits will allow you to add photos and if you want to, the app will post for you the note on your blog. It’s that easy! All you bloggers out there, jump this app!

  1. Sweetie

 Sweetie is a great app for changing your photos into funny or elegant art. You will be able to create digital artwork, even adding letters, numbers and characters on your picture. This is a very easy-to-use app, and we find that you will probably like it. Enjoy!

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